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HFBI Bible Institute

Heritage of Faith Bible Institute in the United States of America offers you the student practical, relevant and affordable Bible education to live in a real world of challenge to morality and values that are meaningful to the average citizen of our beautiful land. Practical, because our study portfolio commences with a first year of Basic Bible Training that is based on a sound foundation of a life in faith.

The second year advances into a further level of faith in relationships within the church and the family. Advanced Bible Training.
The third year, Personal Leadership Training takes all that has been learned and teaches the believer to take ownership of "Life in the Word," to make it work where you live, at home in the family, the community and in the work place, so as to bring the very life of God to others, creating a "Positive Life Experience."
Our practical fourth year of Advanced Ministry Training is a school of ministry program to touch, teach, train and release men and women of God to launch out and explore personal gifting and calling with an assigned purpose in life.
For the ardent student of the Scriptures we offer Specialized Ministry Training. Relevant because you can take what you have learned into all walks of life as a living reality to the saving grace of Jesus, the redeemer of all humanity. 
Our courses ministers to all levels of society and is thus relevant to anyone with a desire to learn and to study. Our desire is to touch, teach, train and transfer believers to explore their gifts and take them back to their local churches as a mature asset to their leaders. Affordable to all with tuition payable over 8 months of the year of study. On satisfactory course completion students proudly graduate.